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10 Qualities of a Disciple

Friday, April 6, 2018

Subscribe to the Vermont Edition podcast:

Subscribe to the Vermont Edition podcast:

The golden dome that crowns Vermont's capitol building is undergoing a $2 million renovation. We're looking at what the project will accomplish with Statehouse Curator David Schutz.

The idea of “folklore” may conjure stories we tell children about mythical creatures, explanations of unique family traditions, or even mysteries of the natural world. But for Greg Sharrow, folklore was how people forged a sense of who they are.

Sharrowdedicated three decades of work with the Vermont Folklife Center to documenting, celebrating, and illuminating folklore and folk arts in Vermont. Hedied Monday, April 2.

Progressive leaders in Montpelier began the legislative session with a plan for Vermonters to pay their school taxes based on their income, rather than the value of their property. The plan failed to gain traction in both the House and Senate. We're talking with Progressive leaders about how their agenda has been received in the Statehouse this year.

What may be the best-known movie set in our state features syrup-chugging Vermont state troopers and several mustaches. Now, after 17 years, it has a sequel. We're talking to three members of the Broken Lizard comedy troupe, the stars of Super Troopers, and now, Super Troopers 2 .

Vermont history buffs may know the name Matthew Lyon, but a Burlington singer-songwriter hopes to make the rowdy Vermont statesman more of a household name by making him the focus of a full-length musical.

College enrollment is down across New England . We're looking at how Vermont's small private and state colleges are adjusting to fewer students, rising costs, and growing competition for tuition dollars.

The Vermont Senate has given final approval to a sweeping set of new gun control measures, and Gov. Phil Scott says he will sign the , titled S. 55. We're looking at what ended up in the wide-ranging bill. Plus, we'll also look at two more bills relating to guns, air jordan future cool grey white hair
and S. 221 , that the Senate is still debating.

"Locally sourced, organic Vermont satire" — the goal, of The Winooski , according to founder Adam Hall.


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dygraphs lets you add annotations (markers) to individual points on your chart. These markers have a short bit of text or an icon that's displayed over the chart, plus a longer description that appears when you hover over them.

There are two methods which are used to add, remove and modify annotations:

Calling dygraph.setAnnotations(dygraph.annotations()) is a no-op: it simply causes the chart to refresh.

Let's say we have a simple chart and wish to add an annotation. Here's how:

Annotations are JavaScript dictionaries. The series and x fields are required: they indicate which point the annotation should be attached to. If specified, shortText will appear on the annotation "flag". If you don't specify shortText , you can specify icon instead to display a small picture. The text parameter specifies hovertext. If you highlight the annotation and leave the mouse still, it will appear.

If you are using native format , you need to pass in a numeric value for the x field. For a numeric x-axis, simply pass in the x-value of the data point on which you wish to attach the annotation. For a date axis, pass in Date.parse('YYYY/MM/DD') . This returns milliseconds since epoch for the date.

To remove or modify existing annotations, call the annotations method to get an array of annotations. Modify that array, then pass it back in to setAnnotations . For example, this code deletes the second annotation and changes the series to which the first is attached:

For a more real-life example, see the annotations demo

When you pass a URL as the data source to dygraphs, it must issue a request for the data before drawing the chart. This means that the chart data is not yet available immediately after you call new Dygraph and so the call to g.setAnnotations will fail. The best way around this is to use the ready() method:

These properties can all be set in the dictionary for an annotation. The use of each one is demonstrated on the annotations demo page.

dygraphs lets you attach event handlers to your annotations. These can be specified globally (for all annotations) or on a per-annotation basis:

These event handlers all take the same parameters:

Justin Cronin

In 2010, Justin Cronin’s The Passage was a phenomenon. The unforgettable tale that critics and readers compared to the novels of Cormac McCarthy, Michael Crichton, Stephen King, and Margaret Atwood became a runaway bestseller and enchanted readers around the globe.